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Measuring the contribution of tumor biobanks to research in oncology: Surrogate indicators and bibliographic output

Véronique Hofman , Marius Ilie , Elodie Long , Kevin Washetine , Christian Chabannon , et al.
Biopreservation and Biobanking, 2013, 11 (4), pp.235-244. ⟨10.1089/bio.2013.0015⟩
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How to assess FAIRness to improve crediting and rewarding processes for data sharing? A step forward towards an extensive assessment grid

Romain David , Laurence Mabile , Mohamed Yahia , Anne Cambon-Thomsen , Anne-Sophie Archambeau , et al.
RDA 13th (P13) Plenary Meeting, Apr 2019, Philadelphia, United States. , 2019, ⟨10.5281/ZENODO.2625721⟩
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FAIRness Literacy: The Achilles’ Heel of Applying FAIR Principles

Romain David , Laurence Mabile , Alison Specht , Sarah Stryeck , Mogens Thomsen , et al.
CODATA Data Science Journal, 2020, 19 (32), pp.1-11. ⟨10.5334/dsj-2020-032⟩
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Evaluation tool of FAIR criteria literacy and compliance to foster research data sharing

Romain David , Laurence Mabile , Mohamed Yahia , Mogens Thomsen , Anne Cambon-Thomsen
2. Open Science FAIR Conference: « Synergies for Sustainable, Open and Responsible Research », Sep 2019, Porto, Portugal. , 2019
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Developing a guideline to standardize the citation of bioresources in journal articles (CoBRA)

Elena Bravo , Alessia Calzolari , Paola de Castro , Laurence Mabile , Federica Napolitani , et al.
BMC Medicine, 2015, 13, pp.33. ⟨10.1186/s12916-015-0266-y⟩
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Biobankers: Treat the Poison of Invisibility with CoBRA, a Systematic Way of Citing Bioresources in Journal Articles

Federica Napolitani , Alessia Calzolari , Anne Cambon-Thomsen , Laurence Mabile , Anna Maria Rossi , et al.
Biopreservation and Biobanking, 2016, 14 (4), pp.350-352. ⟨10.1089/bio.2015.0105⟩
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Research data alliance - RDA an organisation towards social and technical bridges to enable the open sharing and re-use of data with full credit to FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data requirements.

Anne Cambon-Thomsen , Laurence Mabile , Mogens Thomsen , Romain David
JCAD 2019, Journées Calcul Données : Rencontres scientifiques et techniques du calcul et des données., Oct 2019, Toulouse, France. , Text mainly from RDA website., 2019, ⟨10.5281/zenodo.3479152⟩
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Title: How to responsibly acknowledge research work in the era of big data and biobanks: Ethical aspects of the Bioresource Research Impact Factor (BRIF)

Heidi Carmen Howard , Deborah Mascalzoni , Laurence Mabile , Gry Houeland , Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbag , et al.
Journal of Community Genetics, 2017, ⟨10.1007/s12687-017-0332-6⟩
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Quantifying the use of bioresources for promoting their sharing in scientific research.

Laurence Mabile , Raymond Dalgleish , Gudmundur Thorisson , Mylène Deschênes , Robert Hewitt , et al.
GigaScience, 2013, 2 (1), pp.7. ⟨10.1186/2047-217X-2-7⟩
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Implementing FAIR in data sharing: who are the actors and what are their responsibilities ?

Romain David , Laurent Dollé , Alison Specht , Sarah Stryeck , Mohamed Salah Yahia , et al.
RDA Plenary P15, Mar 2020, Melbourne, Australia. , 2020, ⟨10.5281/zenodo.3743946⟩
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Favouring the sharing of samples and data in research. Crediting and Rewarding

Mogens Thomsen , Romain David , Laurence Mabile , Anne Cambon-Thomsen , Sharc Interest Rda
33rd European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference, Portugal, 8-11 May 2019, May 2019, Lisbon, Portugal. , 93 (5), pp.256-401, 2019, Special Issue: Abstracts for the 33rd European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference, Portugal, 8-11 May 2019. ⟨10.1111/tan.13518⟩
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Operationalizing and evaluating the FAIRness concept for a good quality of data sharing in Research: the RDA-SHARC-IG (SHAring Rewards and Credit Interest Group)

Romain David , Laurence Mabile , Mohamed Yahia , Anne Cambon-Thomsen , Anne-Sophie Archambeau , et al.
assemblée MaDICS 2018, Nov 2018, Strasbourg, France. , 2018, ⟨10.5281/zenodo.1745374⟩
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Towards New Metrics For Bioresource Use

Laurence Mabile , Paola de Castro , Elena Bravo , Barbara Parodi , Mogens Thomsen , et al.
20th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, 2016, Gottingen, Germany
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